High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan

Do you feel like you're at a stand still in elevating your health?

The High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan is your ultimate nutrition plan created by Nutrition and Confidence Coach, Kat Sloan Feeney. The plan is designed to help you end confusion, ditch fad diets, and learn exactly what matters when it comes to nutrition so that you can become the healthiest version of yourself! 

You'll gain access to the entire plan and course immediately and be added to the VIP High Vibe Healthy Women community - a super safe, supportive, and cozy community of women who are showing up to claim their health. 


What the High Vibe Method is all about:

More energy so you can reach your kick ass goals.

Allowing your body to work with you, not against you.

A nourishing, health focused method.

How many rules do you carry around consciously and subconsciously about how you *should* eat? Never ending lists of foods that are GOOD and foods that are BAD? 

There's a never ending list of diets that teach us to restrict and deprive ourselves. That leave us feeling a lot of guilt and fear around food! 

And here's what happens, right? We eat salads and tiny portions only to feel hungry within 30 mins and reach for 10 cups of coffee to suppress your appetite or caving and having the damn bag of chips, mindlessly eating chocolate, or diving head first into a jar of PB? 

Girl, you're not alone in this chaos!

I was sucked in by the neverending rules and restrictions. I was trying to stick to a low-fat, low-sugar diet, salads, smoothies, and tracking everything that touched my lips. 

The fad diets and nutrition systems can lead us into a continuous yo-yo cycle, drive our emotional eating tendencies, and ultimately distort our relationship to food and our body. 

Dieting doesn't teach you what actually matters when it comes to feeling healthy & vibrant so that you can crush your goals! 

How would it change your life if:

You could have the energy and healthy body you desire without obsessing over every single bite?

You could take the power back from that bag of chips or the row of cookies?

If you didn't need to rely willpower because you're so committed to your goals that you're making aligned choices?

The High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan is for you if you want to build a foundation of health focused on what your body thrives on.

When you join you will have lifetime access to:

  1. The Plan, the trainings (including future updates)
  2. All of the Bonus Course Content, and
  3. the VIP Facebook Community.


After diving into health and wellness from a nourishing perspective, I was finally able to heal my digestive system and have the energy to train for and complete my first 1/2 marathon without struggling. I've since gone on to complete Marathons and Ultra Marathons and I attribute this entirely to changing what and how I was eating, and my mindset! This plan isn't only for improving your athletic performance, though... it's about improving the overall energy in your life so that you can live your best life. 

Is The High Vibe Nutrition Plan For You?

> You're so over struggling to figure this thing out, even though you feel like you *should* be able to on your own.. you want answers, now!

> What you've been doing so far hasn't been working and it's been a shift between eating too little and then eating too much, but finding the middle ground has been confusing and felt impossible. 

> You're ready to make changes that feel good.

> You want to have a healthy body without giving up pizza. 

> You have been craving a community of women who are fully committed to getting after their High Vibe Healthy Goals. 

What You Get When You Sign Up:

All of this will be available to you instantly!

> Access to the plan, the course, and the VIP tribe

> 4 modules that you can complete over the course of 4 weeks, or spread it out as time permits with your schedule. Printable PDFs to keep on hand to reach your #goals and feel confident in your food choices! 

> The Complete Get Healthy As F^ck Recipe EBook - filled with tons of quick recipes that are aligned with the high vibe healthy method.

> 4 Weekly Healthy As F^ck Meal Plans + Complete Grocery Lists to save you time (and food waste).

> Access to the VIP Tribe Facebook Community where you can connect with other women who are getting after their goals + guidance and have all your questions answered by me! 



> For 12 Months, I will be posting weekly check-ins in the Facebook Community! This is where you'll be able to post on wins, struggles, and anything else that comes up for you as you shift into getting healthy as f^ck.

> I will also be hosting monthly Q & A Calls for the VIP Community 

This feels SO High Vibe to me 🙂 and I truly hope it feels that way to you as well. 


1. The Ultimate Snack Guide - Filled with quick and easy snack ideas to have on hand so that you never go hungry.

2. The Smoothies & Drinks Guide - Delicious smoothies and drinks that everyone will love! 

When you join you will have lifetime access to The Plan, the trainings (including future updates), all of the Bonus Course Content, and the VIP Facebook Community.

Girl, you are not alone in this!

Let's make it happen.

Join now for only $199 CAD or 6 Monthly Payments of $33

>> OR 6 Monthly Payments of $33 <<

*prices are in Canadian Dollars

Client Feedback/Love:

"Truly enlightening from both a nutrition and mindset perspective. Kat provides a holistic approach to living healthily, without restrictive fad diets. I can feel the difference in my energy levels, anxiety is lower, and my skin is clearer than ever."

~ Michelle Chopin ~ Everyday Athlete, BC

"She empowers us to keep nourishing our bodies well when the program is over. I have the knowledge to listen more to my body and really give it what it needs. I am still on a strong path of nourishing my body well and feeling great! Thanks Kat!"

~ Tamara Agar ~ Mountain Biker, ON

"Before working with Kat I figured I just needed a nutritionist. As an athlete I was used to being capable with my body and mind, all I needed was a little technical advice and direction, right? What I got was not only a nutritionist, but a mindset coach, a friend, and someone to give me hope that I can be the person I want to be. Kat runs a perfect balance between working on the science and nutrition side of wellness, as well as the mental and emotional side. Her support, questions, knowledge, advice, and exercises are more than I could ever hope for as I continue on my journey to becoming healthier and happy in my own skin."

Tess Ferguson ~ Rock Climber, CA


I believe in you! I can't wait to welcome you into the High Vibe Healthy Women Nutrition Plan, and the VIP Facebook Community! I know that this will change you if you choose to show up and play in this space with us. If you want results, let's get after this in a non-stressful way. 

You've so got this!

See you in the VIP Tribe